Marie-Claire - No Freedom

Robert is known for his heartfelt, cinematic storytelling, with an emotional spark. He has a passion for crafting profound universal stories out of everyday struggles and a gift for capturing honest, compelling performances. 

Starting in documentary after becoming a journalist, Robert burst into the public consciousness with the visceral, taboo-bashing film Gypsy Blood for Channel 4 in the UK, which went on to be BAFTA nominated.

This sharp eye for doc-infused naturalism and humanity led him to create major campaigns for brands including Guinness, Waitrose, Intermarché, L’Occitane en Provence, Marie Claire, Oppo, British Airways and Tesco. 

Robert’s work for Guinness Made of More stands out for its stirring portrayals of real footballing stories in Africa; from the Nigerian amputee team, to The Lioness, a profile of Cameroonian football star Gaelle Eganamouit. Robert has directed the last two Waitrose Christmas campaigns in the UK based on the highly successful ‘Taste’ campaign that he helped to set the style for, showing us that even cracking an egg, or cows eating grass in a field can be a moment to truly revel in.